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5 unique ways women can work online to earn money

Written by Sidra Amin ·  3 min read >

A lot of women across the world are working online in different capacities and building their careers.

Women in Pakistan are not behind in this race. They are on their journey to take over the world with their exceptional skills, wit, and talent. They have dominated most of the fields contrary to what the stereotypes would suggest about the eastern women, be it working at offices, or from home. However, a lot of women still encounter innumerable problems when it comes to working outside. There are certain social or cultural issues that bar them from working outside home. Many women cannot continue working after getting married owing to their household responsibilities, despite their higher education. Other don’t have the permission to step into a male dominant field.

These women can work to earn online. There are a lot of options which only require signing up and know-how of digital tools to put our skills to use.

These are five unique ways women can work online to earn money:

1. Home based food business

Cooking is an amazing skill; easy to do, and therapeutic. However, in today’s fast-moving world, not many people have time to take a slot out for cooking three times a day. Usually, the working people rely on restaurants serving loads of junk food, but this clearly is an unhealthy alternative. This opens up opportunities for women who cook well to put their business online and monetize their skill to provide home-based food to everyone, who are either tired of eating outside or don’t really have time to cook.

A home-based food business would need an active online presence, along with some great marketing skills to make people crave the delicious but simple meal. One can also try hands at baking and make a good sum out of the money because who doesn’t like cakes? They are needed at every party and are the first priority for all kinds of celebrations.

Many people are also becoming diet and health conscious, and they don’t find the healthy alternatives. Clean, organic and healthy food made of healthy ingredients has a big demand, especially because it is not available just anywhere, and many people would love buying a healthy but tasty meal.

2. Online boutique

A lot of Pakistani women are familiar with designing clothes, and it is an inborn talent because most of the women are all about beautiful clothes. This knowledge can help them with their business idea. An online group or page with some friends who are really into dressing nice, along with others who wish to dress nice but don’t have the time to invest in shopping would be a great start to make money out of this business.

This business just needs a little bit of diversity when designing clothes, so it would suit everyone’s tastes, and good photography skills so the dress will receive the attention that it needs. Many men and women are ready to spend a generous amount of money on clothes that look great.

Apart from just putting up photos online, one can come up with a themed subscription box that has all items required for dressing at different occasions. This would suit people who don’t wish to go through the hassle of choosing dressing accessories.

3. Social Media Management

Social media has the potential to make or break the image of a brand. All businesses, organizations, and causes reach out to their customers or audience through social media. For this reason, they need to have someone on board with great marketing skills.

A Social Media Manager and Strategist makes policies to come up with unique ways of branding. This involves producing content that is appealing, as well as using some buzzwords, and putting up photos that can catch the eye of the audience along with an idea about the latest trends. This job needs a lot of brainstorming, and hence it is a creative job as well as strong communication and leadership skills. But if one is determined to do the job, they can make a decent sum of money from this job.

This job is not all about money, and it involves a lot of learning as well by dealing with an audience of different mindsets from a lot of places. The job gives access to connect to the world even at home if women are not going out.

4. Personal Assistant

For many professional people, it is very hard to keep an eye on their meetings, emails, as well as appointments and bookings. It takes up a huge chunk of time and attention.Not many are ready to spare their time on doing things that they can just outsource to save themselves from investing extra effort in things. So a virtual Personal Assistant can help people assist these tasks.

Women can work from home as Personal Assistants by helping people handle all the things that are important and need to be done but require extra effort. The job of a Personal Assistant gives one a chance of earning as well as communicating with a lot of people on behalf of the person who has hired them.

The job requires some good communication skills and a good internet connection with time management skills. This is a unique job that offers learning, professional dealing, and a great sum of money without even going outside and meeting people.

5. Online Tutoring

The world is growing every day and the competition among people to fit in and make a living is getting tougher every day. Everyone wishes to stand out, and that requires extensive learning. Many don’t find the right resources or time to learn. So a job as an online tutor on courses that one has a lot of expertise can be a good way of earning online.

This job can help women who have higher education but no opportunity or permission to work outside to put their knowledge to use. The tuition might sound a hard job to do, but a little confidence in one’s knowledge and some strong communication skills is all it is going to take for one to do the job brilliantly.

Many reputable organizations hire online tutors to help people learn skills or languages along with courses. These organizations pay quite good to the tutors.

These are just a few of the unique online jobs. There are many like these that women can do online and make a living.