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7 Must Have Android Apps For Couples – 2022

Written by Techjuice Team ·  2 min read >

Software’s and applications have made our lives better in a whole lot ways, while we continue to use apps to solve a lot of apps to make our daily lives easier, but seldom do we see people using applications designed for couples. With time developers have created a number of applications for couples to improve the quality and double the fun they have in their relationships.

Having busy lives, it can be difficult for us to always keep attention towards our better half, however using these applications allow you to keep your partner engaged, help you with communication and give you a better love life. Here are seven of the best android applications couples should definitely use.

1. Between


Between is one of the top rated relationship applications that gives you a variety of features such as photo and video saving, notes, private chats and even video calling. When changing your phones, Between will simply allow you to transfer all the app data to your new phone without any problem.

Apart from these features, Between also offers you a calendar that which allows you and your partner to keep track of the events in each others lives thus increasing understanding and further improving your relationship.

2. Cobble


Building a great relationship requires efforts, and what’s a better effort than giving your better half a perfect date, Cobble helps you do just that.

Using Cobble will introduce you to thousands of date ideas, giving you a new one with each right swipe. Download the app now and give your partner a romantic date to remember.

3. Coupleness


Built to improve your relationship, Coupleness takes some three minutes of your day and asks you questions about your relationship, your feelings and also gives you new topic of conversations. The app also allows you to view insights, which shows the progress of your relationship, give it a daily rating showcases your partner’s mood for the day, therefore keeping you both right on track.

4. Good Budget


The prime part of moving forward with a relationship is moving in together, once you two do that, it’s important to manage expenses. But the newly knotted don’t have to worry when they have Good Budget by their side.

The app is pretty simple and asks you for your income, your monthly expenses and keeps a track of your spending. Using the app, you can create a budget that suits you and even save up some money to built the beautiful future you planned together.

5. Love Nudge

Love is a language beyond words, Love Nudge is an application that understands this which is why the application aims at improving the language of love between you and your partner. The app focuses on 5 different types of love languages which includes; physical touch, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and receiving gifts.

It identifies which of these five love languages are important to you and your partner and then create personalized goals so that you and your partner have to fulfill.

6. Kindu


Developed by a group of doctors, Kindu is an application that focuses on bringing people closer through technology, the app offers a bunch of date ideas, activities and couple messaging features. The application also allows you to increase your intimacy with your partner and also allow the two of you to be more cooperative about your feelings.

7. Touch Note

Touch Note

We understand that maintaining a long term relationship can be one of the most difficult task, but Touch Note can make things slightly easier for you. The application allows you to connect with your partner by sharing photo prints and choose from a variety of gifting options such as photobooks and canvases. You can also create cute custom postcards that will make sending and receiving letters from your better-half a whole lot of fun.