Apple is bringing handwriting recognition to the next-gen iPhones

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According to one of the most recent patent filed by the Cupertino-based tech giant indicates that the company might be bringing handwriting recognition to its next devices, reports Digital Trends.

Third-party developers already have developed a lot of handwriting applications which are posted on the company’s App Store. However, according to this new patent, Apple might be working on embedding handwriting recognition right into the heart of its operating system. This might open a whole new world of possibilities for the users and the company itself.

Embedding handwriting recognition into iOS could let Apple harness this capability to be used in various scenarios, unlike the third-party applications which might only apply this capability in one domain. Once the feature is in place, users will be able to use the feature to input data using their handwriting into all the other applications, which have a support for the iOS keyboard.

According to the patent which has been filed, Apple is working on making handwriting recognition software more reliable with continuously feeding it with the handwriting samples which means that the algorithm will better its accuracy and efficiently alongside time. Moreover, the company is primarily targeting this algorithm for usages in countries with a bilingual populace so the users will be able to straight-away use the drawing pad and iOS will recognize the language and text.

For quite some time now, we’ve been seeing a lot of tweaks and updates which Apple is making to better optimize its mobile operating system. Just recently, Siri got some real massive upgrades in the latest iOS update. Apple is also reportedly updating the security features in iOS, including but not limited to blocking police from unlocking iPhones. Apple has also introduced various upgrades in its most recent iOS.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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