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Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2018 (WWDC) kicked off this Tuesday, bringing many new updates and features to the company’s devices. So much was unveiled by the Cupertino giant including the new operating system – macOS Mojave, FaceTime update to support 32 people at once, a walkie-talkie feature to Apple Watch and a bundle of other stuff. Especially, for the iPhone and iPad fans, the much-expected iOS 12.

Following are all the announced features for the updated OS:

  • Measure app – Apple has added an all-new app called Measure that lets you take measurements of the real-life objects such as width, length, and height.
  • A smarter Photos app – The company has updated the native Photos app by adding features like search and sharing suggestions, searching with multiple terms, ‘For You’ – a tab suggesting filters and effects along with memory pictures and videos.
  • Siri shortcuts – Based on your usage of certain apps, Siri will smartly bring you some actions to take, making the process quicker.
  • Stocks and News app redesigned – Both the apps are getting a new look, along with new features including the Stocks app now showing relevant business news and News app taking you straight to the sources.
  • Voice Memos coming to iPad – Apple is redesigning the Voice Memos app, also bringing it to the iPad for the first time.
  • Apple Books – The previously known iBooks app is now renamed as Apple Books. With that, its design has also been renewed, adding a new Book Store tab with the top charts and curated collections.
  • CarPlay update – In iOS 12, Apple CarPlay will support third-party navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze.
  • Less phone addiction – With the new features like ‘Do not disturb’ – a notification stopper for a specified time, Screen Time – a week-long activity summary on your device, App limits – the ability to set time limits for apps and new parental controls, Apple is aiming to reduce your smartphone addiction.
  • Grouped notifications – iOS 12 is finally coming with the much demanded grouped notifications feature just like the users have on Android.
  • FaceTime update – As mentioned earlier, the new update gives FaceTime the support of adding 32 people at once in the video chat.
  • Memoji – With Memoji, Apple now let yourself or any other you want to become an animated emoji through customizable options. Along with that, more animojis are coming. iMessages and Facetime will both support memoji and animoji.
  • ARKit 2 – The first major update to the company’s augmented reality software, ARKit 2, will offer improved face-tracking, 3D object detection, shared experiences, more realistic rendering and some other features.
  • Student ID card support – Apple Wallet will now support your student ID cards, letting you open dorm rooms and do anything else you’d use it for.

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