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Apple, Google and Mozilla Partner Up to Create the Next Generation of Browser Benchmark

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Speedometer 3
Named as the Speedometer 3, this benchmark will allow companies to test how their product’s browser performance and further improve the benchmark

Apple, Google and Mozilla, the creators of some of the world’s most successful web browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) have joined hands to create a browser benchmark that will be used to test how new applications perform with technologies used by different websites.

According to a tweet by Mozilla, the Speedometer 3 will provide internet companies with a “shared understanding of what matters”.

The Speedometer 3 is expected to work like a connecting point between app creators and people that create the engines and companies that build browsers around the engines. An increased understanding between the groups will result in creation of faster and more efficient applications.

“Working together will help us further improve the benchmark and improve browser performance for our users” said Apple while talking about the Speedometer 3 collaboration.

The benchmark will ultimately compare Safari’s WebKit to Chrome’s Blink or Google’s V8 engine to Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey.

Since this is a collaboration between three massive competitors, the partnership is created on the basis of some ground rules. These rules are designed in a way that would prevent results from tipping over to one side.

Any changes made in the Speedometer 3 will have to be approved from all sides, thus any change that faces strong objection from either side will face strong objection.


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