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We often find ourselves asking whether purchasing insurance policies is really that important?

What do we stand to lose if we do not buy insurance policy of any kind? Insurance is a safety net for the family, and who wouldn’t want such safety for their loved ones? By purchasing an insurance cover, one can not only protect one’s family from unforeseen situations financially but can also ensure that the goal of the family is not compromised.

When I used to think about Life Insurance, there were multiple thoughts that would come to mind – It will only benefit my family if I die, too expensive, definitely not for the young, may need it when I’m in my late thirties or forties. One more reason for keeping me from opting for Life insurance was the process. It seemed too complex, with excessive paperwork and documentation involved.

However, my perspective changed completely when I explored EFU Life’s latest online platform, BuyNow. By making the process digital, accessible and affordable, BuyNow has not only defied myths associated with insurance planning but is also providing utmost convenience to its users by digitizing the buying process with a simple three-step approach.

Living in Karachi, identifying a plan to buy for myself was not very difficult. Every other day, one hears of some fatal accident happening on the roads of this city. All of us know a young colleague or a family member who might have fallen prey to the city’s traffic. Knowing the unpredictability of life, I decided to opt for Personal Accident Plan. The other two plans included Hospital Cash Assistance and Term Life Protection. Again, these benefits were quite relatable to all of us, but we don’t think about them until the time we ourselves or someone we know is affected by such a situation.

To get started, on EFU Life’s BuyNow platform, I had to fill some basic details that included my name, contact number, and email address. The next step asked me to select from the three product variants of Personal Accident – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. I was pleasantly surprised to know that the plans were extremely affordable, starting from just PKR 399 annually or in other words, all I had to do was save less than two rupees per day and get access to the required coverage!

Insurance 1

While I proceeded to the second step, my internet connection started acting up. At this step, I was asked to fill further details to validate my plan, but with the disruptive connection I was unable to complete the form and decided to check back later. However, I received a call from an EFU Life coordinator in under 10 minutes who had observed that I had left the form midway. They offered to facilitate me throughout the process and asked if I was unsure about my plan selection or required brochures via email. When I told them the predicament of my internet situation, they offered to fill the form on my behalf if I needed. I appreciated their support and assured them that the process is simple to understand, and I will finish the process.

Insurance 2

Once the internet was back up, it took me less than 60 seconds to complete the form and proceed to checkout. Providing a quick and easy checkout, BuyNow does not only accept credit and debit card payments but also offers nationwide Cash on Delivery.

Insurance 3

Post-checkout I could not believe that I had actually signed up for an insurance plan that was budget friendly and did not make me go through the hassle of paperwork. With BuyNow, EFU Life has done a commendable job to bring convenience and inclusivity to the whole insurance process.

So, what are you waiting for? BuyNow and secure yourself and your family’s future.

Register here: https://www.efulife.com/buynow/

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