By 2027, India May Produce Half Of All iPhones

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Apple is now planning to expand its production in India. Due to the pandemic, Apple has already faced a massive loss in China.
According to reports, Apple will continue to move production out of China in the coming years. On the other hand, by 2027, half of all iPhone production may occur in India.
The pandemic made the company understand the importance of diversifying its products to different regions.
Last year, the company planned to achieve a significant milestone by assembling iPhone 14 in India and China. However, Apple must still complete the target and produce the iPhone 14 in India.Apple India

Moreover, the company is still planning to simultaneously start producing iPhone 15 models in both countries.
Previously, due to the pandemic, the whole world went through an economic crisis. Almost every country suffered a lot due to Covid-19. And it badly affected the overall industrial sector. However, Apple, the world’s biggest phone-manufacturing company, was also in the list.

To achieve better results in the future, Apple has planned to expand the production of its products in other regions, such as India.
However, India will surely achieve the target of making 25% of the 2025 iPhone production. If this continues, it will reach almost half of all iPhones by 2027.

According to the current analysis, India contributes around 2.27% to Apple’s production. This has made it 8th on the list of all suppliers after the US, China, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and South Korea.

One report claims that iPhone shipments from India doubled from April to December 2022.
On the other hand, contractors, including the Chinese ones, also plan to set up plants in Vietnam. This indicates that Vietnam’s share of making Apple’s Airpods and MacBooks is projected to rise.

Moreover, Apple has spent a lot of time and resources working in China. The company must work hard to establish its reputation in a new region.

According to the reports, by 2027, India might produce one in every two iPhones. According to the report, local suppliers already feel the effects of Apple’s effort to outsource production.

Additionally, Vietnam has benefited from the company’s plan to reduce its dependency on China.

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