Can AI Chatbots Save Meta’s Twitter Clone? :Threads Is Dead

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Meta, owned by Mark Zuckerberg, is ready to introduce numerous artificial intelligence chatbots that will host different personalities by September 2023.

According to the news, these chatbots were in progress, intending to cater to human conversations with users to bring on one platform to recoup faltering interest in the social media giant’s various products.

The decision to give different personalities and temperaments to various chatbots is a similar attempt at a ‘social’ AI chatbot witnessed in Snapchat’s My AI earlier in 2023, generating some mild buzz before quickly becoming irrelevant.


According to reports, Meta is searching for a chatbot that speaks precisely like Abraham Lincoln, including the personality that will dish out travel advice in the verbal style of a surfer. The bots are equipped well to provide advanced search functions and offer recommendations. It is the same in which the famous AI chatbot chatGPT is used.

Is Meta Scrambling?

Threads passed 2 million sign-ups in its first two hours and 100 million in just five days, though that momentum could have been much higher. Most users have stopped checking in after signing up for the account. In contrast, Mark Zuckerberg does not seem too concerned or worried.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, stated, “Obviously, if you have more than 100 million people sign up, ideally, it would be awesome if all or even half of them stuck around. We’re not there yet.”

There are multiple chances that the users would leave the platform, and their engagement fell off quickly due to a lack of features and a massive amount of hype surrounding the launch.

People were hopeful about Threads, but it failed to fulfill people’speople’s expectations as it appeared to fall short of the expectations. As soon as it was launched, people quickly shifted to Threads from Twitter. Due to this fact, it reached nearly 2 million signs up in just two hours.

Despite Zuckerberg’sZuckerberg’s optimism, Threads is essentially dead now. Since the launch of chatGPT and other chatbots, it has taken the world by storm. Therefore, the new string of AI chatbots will likely make it more relevant. The company may be concerned with maintaining attention since Threads lost more than its user base only a few weeks after its launch in July 2023. Therefore, the new wave of AI chatbots is likely an effort to stay relevant.

The long-running Metaverse project at Meta seems to have failed to meet people’speople’s expectations, as Meta switched its investment priorities to AI back in March.


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