E-Banking 2015 Pakistan Conference – Projected size of Cards Market in 2017 is $822 billion

The 13th International E-Banking Conference and Exhibition was held at Pearl Continental Karachi on 23rd April 2015. Pakistan has...

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Apr 23 ·>

Google’s new QUIC Protocol could speed up the Internet

Google announced last week their plan to formally propose their QUIC Internet Protocol to the Internet Engineering Task Force...

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Apr 22 ·>

OpenIDEO Challenge: Win $500,000 in funding for improving educational state of IDPs in Pakistan

“Knowledge always desires increase; it is like fire, which must first be kindled by some external agent, but which...

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Apr 21 ·>
OpenIDEO Challenge Pakistan

Now you can explore Centaurus Mall through a Mobile Application

The Centaurus Mall has become Islamabad’s favorite hangout place in the 2 years since its launch. Now, to assist...

Apr 20 ·>
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Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015: The Tent School System recognized on international level

The Tent School System was rewarded with a special award at Ericsson Innovation Awards (EIA) 2015 held yesterday at...

Apr 16 ·>
Ericsson Innovation Awards 2015

Uninama Beta – The Pakistani Online Education Network Goes Live

Uninama launches itself as the first of its kind online Pakistani education network. The beta version of the site...

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Apr 14 ·>

The top apps from NASA’s Space Apps Challenge held in Islamabad

Every year since 2012 NASA has held an International Space Apps Challenge, the main goal of which is to...

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Apr 13 ·>
Space Apps Challenge

SIM verification drive causes mobile operators a loss of over 22 million subscribers

Since the December 16 terrorist attack on Army Public School in Peshawar, the government directed Cellular Mobile Operators (CMO’s)...

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Apr 11 ·>

Calling Out All Data Enthusiasts: d|Bootcamp Is Coming To Karachi

This May, the International Centre for Journalists and Hacks/Hackers Pakistan are collaborating to organize a data bootcamp at the...

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Apr 11 ·>

Zong to provide free Super 3G mobile broadband internet on Daewoo busses on motorway

Lahore – April 10, 2015: Zong, Pakistan’s most advanced and only 3G and 4G operator in the country, has...

Apr 10 ·>
Zong, the only telecom operator in the country to have secured a 4G LTE license during the much-anticipated NGMS Licenses Auction earlier this year has officially launched its 4G LTE service in Pakistan.

Do you want to travel in Wifi Rickshaws?

I think every Pakistani has used a rickshaw once in their lifetime, be it a quick trip to the...

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Apr 10 ·>

APIMatic: The Pakistani-Kiwi Startup That Created Waves In Silicon Valley

You might already know a lot of college or high school dropouts who founded companies that ranked in billions?...

Apr 10 ·>

Meet the winners of first ever RCCI ICT 2015 Awards

Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) organized the first RCCI-Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Awards at Islamabad on...

Apr 10 ·>
RCCI Award of Excellence 2015