ChatGPT Clears MBA Exam At One Of The Top Universities Of The World

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A professor at the University of Pennsylvania recently researched and learned that ChatGPT, an A-I-based chatbot, cleared an MBA exam at the University’s Wharton School.

The University of Pennsylvania is one of the best universities in the world. According to the latest analysis, the university is ranked 13th in the 2023 QS world university rankings and 14th in the 2023 world university rankings.
Will ChatGPT3 receive a Wharton MBA? According to the study “A prediction based on its performance in the operation management course,” GPT-3 received B- and B grades.

Christian Terweisch, the author of the research paper, found that GPT-3 demonstrated a “remarkable ability to automate some of the skills of highly compensated knowledge workers. In general and specifically the knowledge workers in the jobs held by MBA graduates including analysts, managers, and consultants.

According to the research, ChatGPT-3 did a fantastic job like human beings. ChatGPT-3 cleared all the questions in the same way as humans do. According to the research, GPT-3 performed an “amazing job at basic operations management. And process analysis questions, including those based on case studies.”

Professor Terwiesch also notified that ChatGPT-3 answers were “excellent.”
In addition, the professor concluded that GPT-3 demonstrated an “excellent” ability to answer the questions smartly in response to human hints.

However, Terwiesch’s research has alarmed professors worldwide who are worried that AI chatbots like GPT-3 may encourage cheating.

The New York City Department Of Education has recently prohibited the ChatGPT program.
Though, there are different opinions from professors and AI experts that using chatbots like ChatGPT may hinder education in the future.

Whereas according to other experts claimed that they aren’t bothered yet. Professor Terwiesch and a spokesperson for AI did not comment on further development.

Hence, it is imperative to mention that the GPT-3 model utilized in the study was an older version of the chatGPT bot. According to the OpenAI website, the latest and most advanced variant, ChatGPT, is “fine-tuned from a model in the GPT-3.5 series”.

Undoubtedly, GPT 3’s results were excellent and exactly to the point. Furthermore, Terwiesch noted that GPT-3 ” at times makes surprising mistakes in relatively simple calculations at the level of 6th-grade Math.

However, the current version of ChatGPT is “incapable of handling more advanced process analysis questions, even when they are based on fairly standard templates,” Terwiesch said.

Despite this, Terwiesch said that ChatGPT-3’s performance on the test has
“Important implications for business school education, including the need for exam policies, curriculum design focusing on collaboration between humans and AI, opportunities to stimulate real-world decision-making processes, the new to teach creative problem-solving, improved teaching productivity, and more.

By now, everybody knows that AI-powered chatbots ChatGPT can do many creative things, such as writing essays, emails, plays, and poetry. Moreover, it can quickly write in the same style, spending on the instructi

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