ChatGPT Prompts: How To Optimize For Sales, Marketing,Writing And More

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Since the launch of chatGPT, it has taken the world by storm. ChatGPT creation of OpenAI can write emails, essays, prose, lyrics, and summary. Since its launch, it has become one of the fastest-growing apps in history.

ChatGPT has proven itself in different sectors and complaints, such as health care, media, financial institutions, and superstores. Plugins connect the chatbot to third-party apps, websites, and services.

However, multiple resources and guides for chatGPT prompt writing have sprung up since the tool came on the market. ChatGPT works so efficiently and provides almost accurate results that people have started relying on it. Hence, it’s essential to learn new tricks and a list of the best chatGPT prompts for different types of workflow, including writing, marketing, sales, students, and tech enthusiasts.


The Accurate ChatGPT Prompts For Sales

Writing sales emails is indeed a big challenge and a hectic task. And when there are plenty of tools to tackle the task, it may rely on templates.

However, while writing sales prompts for chatGPT, the keywords and words matter. For instance: consider the prompts, consider the following

write a concise and informal cold email to a sales lead.’ 

In comparison to:

Write a cold email to a sales lead.’ 

After writing both prompts, you will see a big difference in results. The better keywords and words you select, the better results you will get.

You can check the chatGPT prompt fine-tuning further if we work on LinkedIn prospecting emails. As LinkedIn is the biggest platform for sales leads. Try a prompt like:

‘Peter’s LinkedIn summary, write a cold email to Katie, who I just found on LinkedIn.’ 

The results were excellent and impressively personalized. They were far better than most of the sales spam we have received.

The Amazing ChatGPT Prompts For Marketing

ChatGPT is an excellent marketing tool if used properly. Online marketers know which keywords are an essential part of the puzzle. Amazingly, chatGPT’s a competent keyword generator. You can use the prompt.

generate a list of keywords for….including long-tails high performing keywords’.

The correct and exact prompts will provide accurate results for whatever you are trying to write.

Tony Wenger over at Madgicx, which directly illustrates the degree of specificity chatGPT will accept:

Craft a compelling ad copy for our Facebook campaign, targeting users who have previously visited our website and creating a sense of urgency, as well as adding our effort for exclusive promotion to entice them to take action; the offer is (your text) …’.

ChatGPT offers marketing advice also, answering tricky questions with surprising depth and nuance. Wordstrem’s Gordon Donnelly asked chatGPT the way to respond to negative comments and publicity:

As a social media marketing manager, how do I respond to people writing negative things about my products? 

ChatGPT’s response was terrific, too. Use wording like ‘your feedback is essential to us’ and we want to ensure we exceed your expectations.’

The Accurate ChatGPT Prompts For Writing

ChatGPT is a friendly tool for writing purposes. It works wonderfully when asked to write essays or poems on any topic. ChatGPT can be a useful companion, serving as a brainstorming tool or streamlining the more monotonous bits of the writing process.

For instance: ‘priming’ chatGPT can help you set the tone and context. Try a prompt like:

‘I am a tech blogger and need your help writing a blog post. The topic is CES. This post should be helpful for people who are interested in new and upcoming smartphones. Wait to start writing. Do you understand?’ 

Another helpful tip is using bullet points to guide chatGPT as it writes. Try using a prompt like:

Write an introduction based on the bullet points below:

  • This is an article about a new tech product-a wireless air fryer
  • The product costs $30
  • The product will be available for sale on June 16

ChatGPT produces something coherent that incorporates details from each of the bullets.

ChatGPT works on mimicking style, voice, and tone. This is an excellent feature when the user tries to complete parts of an essay.

Analyze the text below for style, voice, and tone. Create a prompt to write a new paragraph in the same style, voice, and tone.’ 

The Accurate ChatGPT Prompts For Students

Still, many institutions would prefer to use chatGPT as a writing tool. At the same time, many educational institutions are using chatGPT as an assisting and writing tool and have incorporated it into their curriculums.

For students, they can try a prompt like:

Help me write a research paper on the causes of the American Revolution.’ 

And you will be amazed chatGPT will bring out beautiful results and respond in a way that makes sense.

If you ask chatGPT to write an essay or answer some basic questions, you can write a prompt like this,

Help me create a study plan for my upcoming history and political science exams.’

Make sure that you need to be very specific while writing the prompts and getting the best answers.

The Accurate ChatGPT Prompts For Tech Enthusiasts

ChatGPT is a fine writer, but at the same time, it’s the best coder too.

If you say, you want to create a basic web form to collect contact information. ChatGPT will happily do it for you with a prompt like:

Act as a JavaScript developer, write a code that checks the information on a form. Name and email are required, but address and age are not.’ 

The result may not be 100% accurate, but it must have a reasonable starting point.

ChatGPT can also write database queries for applications, which usually takes a fair amount of time. You can try this prompt for my SQL:

write a MySQL Query 

Tables: users and orders 

Requirement: it should give the user details of who placed the highest order today 

Again you will not get accurate results but answers that satisfy you somehow. The same goes for math; you can write a prompt like:

I want you to act as a math teacher. I will provide some mathematical equations or concepts, and explaining them in easy-to-understand terms will be your job. This could include providing step-by-step instructions for solving a problem, demonstrating various techniques with visuals, or suggesting online resources for further study. My first request is, “I need help understanding how probability works.” ‘

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