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Discord to Soon Introduce an AI Powered Chatbot

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
According to details, the Discord AI will assist users by summarizing long conversations and even allow some avatar decorations

Discord, a leading VoIP and instant messaging social platform, became the latest platform to jump onto the AI bandwagon. The company just announced that it will be releasing some amazing new artificial intelligence features that will assist users by summarizing long conversations and even allow some avatar decorations.

The sudden and massive growth of the generative AI industry has left every company operating within the tech industry to redirect their attention. Just within weeks of OpenAI’s ChatGPT going viral, massive companies like Microsoft and Google started investing and competing in the generative AI industry.

Smaller companies and platforms are also heavily invested in generative AI, some of which have even created or started creating small AI integrated features into their platform.

Talking about this sudden AI boom in the tech industry, Discord’s chief executive Jason Citron said that “We’re seeing one of the most exciting moments in technology emerging.”

Alongside its announcement, Discord briefed users about the different AI features they can expect on the platform. The first of these features is ‘Clyde’, a Discord bot, which is now revamped and powered through OpenAI. Now an AI bot, Clyde will be able to fetch out useful information from the web, answer complex questions and even write poetry.

The second feature is built through an image generative AI, and will allow users to remix avatars using generative image models.

The third and one of the most useful AI features being introduced into Discord will be the ability to summarize long conversations and the ability to find a specific message. This will save alot time for users, who have to scroll through long minutes just to find a message.

It’s reported that Discord will initially offer these AI features to limited users, before finally rolling it out to the public.


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