Facebook adds ‘Send to WhatsApp’ feature initially for selected users

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May 28, 2018
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Though Facebook is still facing backlash over one of the worst data privacy scandal in tech industry’s history, it doesn’t let the social networking giant introduce amazing new features in its various apps. Facebook is adding a new feature/option in its sharing menu that lets users share any form of the post directly to WhatsApp. As per a report by ExpressUK, some users have already started seeing this new option in their regular Facebook app.

According to the report, Facebook users while sending a post within the platform or for sharing messages/posts usually see options like Share Now (Friends), Share on a Friend’s Timeline, Share to a Page, and Share post in Message. Well, now this has changed apparently for some beta testers at this stage. Facebook will now add another “Send to WhatsApp” option alongside aforementioned options for post sharing.

This Facebook feature has long been rumored in various reports with other WhatsApp features like Picture-in-Picture mode or playing Facebook videos instantly and directly on WhatsApp. However, it must be noted that Facebook has not given confirmation on any of these features at this point.

Although this new feature will indeed be useful considering the fact that it will reduce the number of taps needed to perform a simple WhatsApp sharing, yet this will be annoying in many ways too.

People after getting the ease of easily sharing Facebook posts to WhatsApp will penetrate your inbox quite easily, thus your WhatsApp app will always remain red for so many notifications you would receive.

Have you received this update yet? Try updating your Facebook app now and let us know in the comments.

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