Dear Fortnite players, Fortnite might not make it to all Android phones this summer

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Rumors have surfaced stating Fornite might never launch on all Android smartphones. Instead, Epic Games, the developer of Fornite might launch the game on the upcoming flagship phablet of Samsung, the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively.

The launch is said to be for a 30-day period based on an exclusivity agreement between Samsung and Epic Games. What this means is that when the Note 9 launches on August 9th in Samsung’s Unpacked event, Fortnite Mobile might come pre-installed. During this 30-day period, the game will be available only on the Galaxy Note 9.

The launch of Fortnite on Android is said to be planned alongside the launch of the Note 9. These rumors have been going around courtesy of internal company sources who have spoken to 9to5Google and XDA Developers. According to these sources, the Galaxy Note 9 launch will revolve around Fortnite.

Additionally, users, who pre-order the Note 9 might be able to get free V-Bucks as part of a pre-order bonus/gift. Sources have said that the V-Bucks will be worth around $100-$150 and is part of an effort of the developer to reach a large audience and Samsung’s effort to make their product appealing for the masses.

Epic Games has been preparing for the launch of Fortnite on Android for quite some time now. The game was launched on iOS back in March 2018 and saw massive success, raking in over $100 million within 90 days. At that time, Epic Games’ representatives said that the game is being prepared for launch on Android and will be “released soon”. Rumors around the launch of the game on Android starting going around and soon a solid figure of end-summers popped up. Now, however, it is evident that the game will launch on the Galaxy Note 9 exclusively, followed by a public listing on the Google Play Store a month after the launch of the Note 9.

To put this in easier words, let me recap the Note 9’s expected trajectory: The phone is expected to be announced on 9th August, while pre-orders are expected to begin from August 14th. This is when you can get around $150 worth of in-game features such as player skins etc.

The phone’s expected to be released in the market on August 24th and this is when you can get to play Fortnite on Android. A month afterwards, the game will be released on the Google Play Store. Thereby, a launch date of September 23rd can be expected for the public release of the game.

Will you be buying Fortnite on Android? More importantly, would you buy the Galaxy Note 9 just to play Fortnite 30 days earlier than others?

Written by Shehryar Ahmed
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