Galaxy S10, S10e and S10+ drop test video reveals all models are ‘prone to damage’

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March 12, 2019
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Your brand new Samsung Galaxy S10 is quite fragile in common use, so start using screen protectors and hard cases.

Well, we know that Samsung is the king of displays and the phones South Korean tech giant produce also have a pretty delicate design. But do you know that Samsung’s Galaxy S10-series smartphones are also very easily breakable if tested for a long drop? To give proof, SquareTrade recently conducted a drop “test” and noted that Samsung’s three new Galaxy S10 devices are all disposed to cracking. Interestingly, SquareTrade found out that Galaxy S10 performed better than the S10e and S10+ as the phone received minimal damage while dropping.

The extended warranty service provider — SquareTrade, dropped the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10e, and S10+ from six feet both face down and face up. The flash and camera lens of the Galaxy S10e broke when it was dropped face up and the device was completely unusable when it fell face down. The Galaxy S10+ shattered after both drops but was somehow still functional. The S10 cracked in the first drop, but it was still useable.

Jason Siciliano, vice president at SquareTrade, the company that has been conducting breakability tests for almost six years now, stated that “Our tests found their new AMOLED screens are still prone to damage when dropped. One thing holds true—all-glass designs, no matter the cost of the phone or how sleek its profile, are highly susceptible to damage.”

It’s quite obvious in case of such delicate phones that a hard surface will always damage the screen or the rear panel, no matter how you drop them. It is very crucial to use screen protectors and protective displays for these high-end phones featuring all-glass designs. However, this might come as a relief that the S10+ and S10 have fingerprint sensors under the display, so they have pre-installed screen protectors out of the box.

Meanwhile, SquareTrade is now eager to test out the Samsung Galaxy Fold. As you know, Galaxy Fold features a 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dynamic OLED screen and a 4.6-inch HD Super AMOLED cover display. It also boasts six cameras, two batteries, and a new hinge mechanism. Most of the tech geeks are rather concerned about the overall design of the Galaxy Fold. Two screens and a hinge mechanism could also be prone to damage.

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