Gobi Partners launches a US$20M Pakistan dedicated fund with Fatima Ventures

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Started in 2012, Gobi Partners has been focussed on investing in IT and digital media investments in China and ASEAN region. The venture capital firm believes that companies dealing at the convergence of telecom, media and technology are going to be the next big things and can help move the digital world forward.

The Gobi manages six funds and has offices in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore. In Pakistan, the fund will be managed with the help of a local partner, Fatima Ventures. Fatima Ventures is the capital arm of Pakistani business leader Fatima Group which works in textile, sugar, trading, mining and other traditional businesses for over 8 decades.

Fatima Ventures has previously invested in MangoBaaz, BeautyHooked whereas Gobi Partners last year invested in

The MoU and official announcement happened on 23rd of March, during the Malaysian President’s visit to Pakistan on a national day. This is a huge news for the Pakistani tech ecosystem, as the funds aim to invest in high growth and high tech ventures in the country.

This move by Gobi Partners is bound to bring more international investments in Pakistani startup space.

Written by TechJuice
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