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Eid is the busiest time of year for Muslims all over the world. We, at TechJuice, have always served our readers with the latest news, reviews, interviews covering Pakistani Tech and Startup ecosystem. We worked continuously through all days of the week and various other holidays, but it is time for us to temporarily hang our keyboards and give time to family and friends. If you like following a member of our staff, then find out what they’ll be up to this Eid.

The TechJuice team would like to wish all our readers a Happy Eid Mubarak. May the Blessings of Allah shower upon you and your family.

Sarwat Fatima: Well, I will be spending my first day of Eid at my Nano’s where all of our family will be getting together. All of us cousins will probably huddle together in a circle and talk gossips, life, shows and will take loads of selfies and finally make fun of my one particular cousin who spends too much time setting up her hair in front of the mirror like seriously, after every five minutes. I am not planning to give Eidi, I mean, that’s my parent’s job. 😉 Surely, I am expecting loads of Eidi. Though my cousins usually have a long list of treats that, apparently, I have to give for several of my accomplishments. I will be making every effort to dodge that, but I usually give in to the pressure. 🙁 The rest of the Eid days I will catch up with my research work.

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Maryam Dodhy: More than anything, other than Eidi of course, I’m looking forward to the infinite supply of ‘Amma k haath ka khana’. I will visit my relatives and spend some quality time with the cousins. Read a few books that I have piled up and perhaps watch some quality(?) television. My Eid day comes to an end with my own little tradition of a cheeseburger (Hint: Use a combo of Cheddar & Mozzarella plus some caramelized onions), and an episode of Friends. Eid Mubarak to you guys! 😀

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Rizwan Anwer: First of all, I will offer Eid Prayers then go and visit relatives whom I only visit on Eid. 😉 I anxiously wait for Eidi but always end up giving most of it back to my younger cousins. The rest of the day I will survive car trips with Nexus 7 and watch TV Shows (hoping to finish Season 5 of The Wire and many current shows). I usually try to keep in touch with my friends through the exchange of Snaps and WhatsApp conversations while being on the road. And, of course, I will be spending plenty of time with my family too.

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Asra Rizwan: The agenda of our Eid festivities is the same for years. I was telling my mom each year seems like a deja vu of the previous one! Even the menu of delicacies does not change! Dinner at grandmom’s place on the first day, meeting the elders of the family on the second day and dozing off half of the third day while entertaining visitors the other half. I look forward to Eid like a capitalist, so I get Eid gifts for my little cousins beforehand so I don’t have to take a chunk out of my ‘hard earned’ Eidi.

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Tayyab Zaheer: My first day of Eid will start with my mom dragging me out of the bed for Eid prayers and scolding me for being lazy (this always happen :p). But before I go for Eid prayers I eat sweetest “sawaeiyaan” made by my mom. After that “Eidi Time” begins then I visit my relatives for lunch and dinner and finally, I call my friends to wish Eid Mubarak. I spend my second and third day of eid by enjoying delicious dishes cooked by my lovely mom, playing video games, making Skype calls to friends in pardes and sleeping due to boredom. I wish you guys have more fun than me on this Eid!! 🙂

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Fahad Ullah: Eid is usually like any other holiday for me except I have to wake up really early in the morning, only to sleep again. And that’s what I am planning to do this Eid as well. Of course, after spending the obligatory time with my family. After catching up on my sleep, I will probably (read: most definitely) complete the first book of the Farseer Trilogy and after that I will watch a couple of series that I have been downloading HD episodes for but couldn’t watch due to work commitments. After that, if there is some time and days left before I rejoin work on Wednesday, I will try for a small escapade to the sandy mountains of Avaran District in Balochistan, camp there one night and enjoy my favorite traditional Balochi mutton dish.

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Behlol Nawaz: I usually go to my village for Eids. For me, meeting all my extended cousins and relatives is something to look forward to, as I don’t meet some of them very often. We usually get together to cook for ourselves and maybe later watch a movie while constantly commenting on it (aka making unnecessary fun of it). Although I’ve heard from my cousins that the heat is intense and the power outages are at a maximum, I am still looking forward to being there. 🙂

Fatima Rizwan: I don’t have any specific agenda for the Eid. I’d prefer spending all Eid days at home with my family. The thing that I am most looking forward to is ‘Dahi Pakoray’. My mom makes them really good, even thinking about this dish makes my mouth watery. As far as Eidi is concerned, being the youngest one in the family, I am expecting loads of money but I have an army of young cousins, nephews and nieces, so the Eidi will be distributed among them. Other than that, hmm, nothing special, I’d take some rest, get some good sleep, call a few good friends and maybe read a book or two. Oh and TechJuice will remain in my thoughts and conversations throughout the holidays. 🙂

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Once again, the whole team wishes you all a very happy and blessed Eid. Eid Mubarak & God bless Pakistan!

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