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Instagram brings shopping directly to IGTV and Reels

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram · 45 sec read>

Instagram recently announced that it will expand its shopping service directly across IGTV globally which will be followed by an addition to Reels as well.

Instagram Shop was added in July 2020 which made it easier for brands and content creators to increase their monetization base and outreach. It allowed users to get personalized recommendations and previews on exclusive launches all in a single place so that users could easily find the product that they love.

Instagram COO Justin Osofsky said in a statement, “Digital creators and brands help bring emerging culture to Instagram, and people come and get inspired by them. By bringing shopping to IGTV and Reels, we’re making it easy to shop directly from videos. And in turn, helping sellers share their story, reach customers, and make a living”.

Instagram also mentioned that the same feature will be tested on Reels later this year.

Instagram previously added a checkout option in 2019, which allowed users to directly purchase their desired products without having to leave the app but it was replaced by Facebook Pay. The payment system will remain the same for now.

Instagram is also working on an API that lets brands manage their conversations with their customers for better customer experience.

Image Source: 90Xtra