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Microsoft Bing Chat Will Now Allow You to Search With Images

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Bing Chat
Named ‘Visual Search’, the feature allows users to upload images and search the web for content related to the image

Following Google Bard, Microsoft has also launched ‘Visual Search’ for its Bing Chat, giving users the ability to upload images and search-related content by entering a prompt alongside the image, taking web searching to the next level.

Google had also displayed a similar ‘visual search’ feature in the Bard earlier this year at the I/O conference.

Leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4 model, the visual search feature on Bing Chat will let users upload a photo, type a search prompt that assists the image and then search the web for content or information related to the image.

Just imagine how concise and easier search would become with this feature, for example, you can upload the photo of a simple computer wiring problem and get results on how to fix the problem almost immediately.

According to Microsoft, Visual Search in Chat is a part of the company’s work “to deliver new features and experiences in Bing Chat, to help people make the most of generative AI technology”.

“Whether you’re traveling to a new city on vacation and asking about the architecture of a particular building or at home trying to come up with lunch ideas based on the contents of your fridge, upload the image into Bing Chat and use it to harness the web’s knowledge to get you answers,” said Microsoft.

A revolutionary feature, the AI visual search is being rolled out on both Desktop and the Bing mobile app, whereas Microsoft is also actively working on bringing the feature to the Bing Chat Enterprise, which is an AI powered chat for professionals.


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