RIP Xbox One: Microsoft kills the console

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After more than 3 years of service, Microsoft has finally discontinued selling its gaming console Xbox One.

Following the introduction of several newer versions in the Xbox series (the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X), Microsoft finally thought to kill the relatively older Xbox One. The console now doesn’t show on the Microsoft’s US online store. And if you get to the page which originally lists the device on the Microsoft’s UK store, you would find it to be all “sold out”. The company had stopped manufacturing the console a few months back, it, however, was available for sales until recently. Now, it seems that Microsoft has finally run out of stock with this console.

Right now, the giant is selling Xbox One S and Xbox One X at its online store. Although you wouldn’t be able to buy the original Xbox One, its refurbished versions can still be bought on the US store, for a budget-friendly tag of $199.

The box-shaped Xbox One console was launched by Microsoft back in November 2013. Although this console was priced much more than PlayStation 4, its the then competitor from Sony, it was still able to gain popularity very quickly. Microsoft now plans to take on the market with Xbox One S and Xbox One X. Introduced last year, the Xbox One S is a good-looking, slimmer and a light on pocket version in the Microsoft Xbox One series.

Xbox One X, on the other hand, is focused at the hardcore Xbox enthusiasts. Microsoft hasn’t yet released the console for the general public and is planning to do so in November this year. Since opening its preorders last week, Microsoft has claimed that the Xbox One X has become its fastest-selling Xbox ever.

Source — Engadget, Image — TechnoBuffalo

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