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Microsoft’s Bing Chat AI is Finally Open for All

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  55 sec read >
Microsoft has finally finished its long waitlist and the Bing GPT-4 will be available for all users starting today

Microsoft has just announced that it is finally opening the Bing GPT-4 feature for all users starting today. Previously, any user trying to use the GPT-4 powered Bing chat would have had to pass through a long waitlist, however the waitlist has now been eliminated.

The Bing GPT-4 Chat was originally launched during February, however only a selected number of users could use the feature, while all others trying to access the feature were added into the waitlist.

Bing’s GPT-4 Chat is a chatbot feature powered by Open AI’s newest AI model named the GPT-4. The GPT-4 chat is more advanced and precise than the older chatbot and will soon get a number of new AI features.

According to the Verge, these AI features such as providing users with image and video results, some new Bing and Edge action features, persistent chat and plug-in support.

Introducing the plug-in support feature, Microsoft has laid the key foundation for both developers and the future of Bing Chat, this is because a plug-in support will help developers increase the functionality and use cases of Bing chat.

Microsoft is currently working with OpenTable to enable a plug-in that completes restaurant bookings within Bing Chat.

It’s being said that Microsoft will reveal more in-depth details about its plug-in support at the ‘Build Conference’ planned to be organised later this month.


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