Musk Says Cage Fight With Zuckerberg May ‘Go Badly’ For Him

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  53 sec read >
Elon Musk
Almost 12 years older and lesser trained than his opponent Zuckerberg, Musk believes that he should start training incase the fight does happen

Ever since its first announcement, the Musk vs Zuckerberg cage fight has amassed a lot of popularity but people are still skeptical about the fight, saying that it might never happen, that one of the two billionaires might ‘chicken out’.

Musk, who has been the most vocal about the fight, just talked about the fight in a recent Twitter spaces session with Bloomberg reporter Ashlee Vance.

The session started off with Vance asking Musk about his training for the upcoming cage fight with Zuckerberg.

“Well, I haven’t started training yet, so… if it does happen, I will train,” replied Musk.

Musk was then warned about Zuckerberg’s fighting career and recent videos that show the Meta CEO training with professional MMA coaches, Zuckerberg takes “this stuff pretty seriously” , said the reporter.

“This (cage fight) could go badly,” replied Musk who obviously is the more unfavorable fighter considering both his age and lack of training.

Talking about the way he spends his time and justifying his lack of physical fitness, Musk said that he spends his time “according to what is needed”. adding that he “usually has to fight people, so I don’t train, therefore, physically”.

Replying to rumors of the fight never taking place, Musk said that “he thinks” it might actually happen.


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