New PlayStation 5 to arrive by the end of 2020

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The news was delivered by Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony’s PlayStation Division. Mr. Ryan confirmed that the console will, in fact, be called the PlayStation 5 and that the public can expect it to be available by the end of this year.

These aren’t the only details revealed by Sony. Another big piece of news involves the PS5’s controllers. Firstly, they will be ditching the old-school vibration motors, instead, they will use much more sophisticated haptic motors. Sony claims that the feedback from this more advanced system will be much more refined, helping the user to be more connected to the gameplay and be able to feel textures. In Sony’s own words, the user will be “able to tell the difference between crashing into a wall and walking through grass.” Similarly, the trigger buttons will also be sensitive to what is going on in the game and will offer variable resistance, unlike on the older models of PlayStation. For example, the user will be able to feel the button getting tighter as he/she presses the accelerator, and they will be able to mimic the actual feel of a trigger.

The controllers aren’t the only new thing about the PS5. Sony has also shined a light (pun intended) on how ray tracing will work in the console. Ray tracing is a technique used to render light as realistically as possible, especially how it reflects off of different surfaces, and Sony plan on achieving it through GPU hardware, instead of the usual software approach. This sounds quite promising and ray tracing is expected to be phenomenal in the PS5.

The device will also feature a lightning-fast SSD, to help with load times of games. Sony also plans to reduce the size of games themselves to provide a more responsive and nearly buffer-less experience. Users will also have the freedom to download specific parts of the games they want, like just the single-player mode or only the multiplayer part, further reducing game sizes.

Written by TechJuice
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