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Nintendo reveals Switch, a first of its kind gaming console

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In a dedicated event yesterday, Nintendo finally revealed its long-awaited gaming console, Switch, the company’s shape-shifting gaming device.

Somewhat similar to Nvidia Shield, Switch is basically a hybrid gaming console that features a capacitive tablet-like touch display. Unike, Sony’s Play Stations and Microsoft’s XBox, the play of different games on Switch will not necessarily require a Television display.

The screen-piece, that would come with Switch out of the box, can be used to play games while on the go, and the display can later be shifted to standard televisions as well, through a connectivity dock. The multi-purpose controllers can be ported to the tablet when playing on the go, and detached when playing on televisions.

On the specifications side, the console will bear a capacitive touch panel and could be charged via a standard USB Type-C cable. For on-the-go playing, the battery, upon a full charge, is said to last somewhere around 2.5-6 hours, all depending on the game played. The console will come with in-built WiFi.

The console will cost US$ 299.99 and will be released in March. Games that will be released with the console include, 1-2-Switch (a collection), Splatoon 2, Arms, and Super Mario Odyssey. EA is also said to announce a new game for Switch.

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