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Pakistan to establish a high-tech university in Sri Lanka

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In its move to exchange modern tools of technology and theoretical foundations for supporting education between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, the Pakistani govt is planning to establish a “world-class” high-tech university in Sri Lanka. The university will be established under the auspices of COMSATS University.

While addressing a recent ceremony on Pakistan’ 79th National Day, the Pakistani High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Maj. Gen. (R) Dr. Shahid Ahmad Hashmat announced that the modalities are being discussed with the concerned authorities in Sri Lanka to establish a high-tech university here.

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In addition to making this announcement, Dr.Hashmat also said that the High Commission will be awarding 1000 scholarships to Sri Lankan students in diverse fields and will support the exchange of faculty members and students.

The commissioner also talked about the foundation of strong brotherhood between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, as he stated;

“The relationship between Sri Lankans and Pakistanis has existed for over two thousand years. These relations are further cemented by the commonality of eternal values of universal peace and love, espoused both by Buddhism and Islam.”

It must be noted that COMSATS will be a key supporter for this project and the university already has an admirable reputation in various countries around the globe.

COMSATS has a status of a public sector degree-awarding higher education institution, and the university has already acquired a charter by the Federal Government of Pakistan in August 2000. The university is recognized as an inter-governmental organization with 21 member states in three continents; Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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