Pokemon Go is going to reward players who pick up litter

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On the occasion of nearing Earth Day, the developer of Pokemon Go has announced that it will be rewarding individuals who pick up litter on this Earth Day.

Niantic, the developer of Augmented Reality based game, has come into partnership with several non-government associations and will be giving out different rewards to the players who choose to pick litter from public places. The point is to get the 20 million active Pokemon Go users into doing something noteworthy as the Earth Day approaches.

To make this feat possible, Pokemon Go has partnered with several NGOs like Playmob and different cleanup drives would be happening around the world. Apart from the general public, Pokemon Go players will be motivated to attend these events in turn for several rewards in the Pokemon Go game.

The rewards range from two or three times the amount of Stardust drops on Water, Earth and Grass-type Pokemon. The times of Startdust depend upon the number of players attending the event. If 1,500 local players gather at an event during 48 hours, Pokemon will double the amount of Stardust on the Pokemon. For more than 3,000 players, Niantic will triple the amount.

This is a global clean-up drive and users can check this link to see if such a registered event is happening in their locality. If you don’t see such an event around you, you can suggest local NGOs who could be interested in collaborating with Niantic and hosting such an event.

Written by Muneeb Ahmad
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