Qualcomm is trying to get iPhones banned from being sold

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The Apple-Qualcomm legal battle does not appear to be coming to an end any time soon. Now Qualcomm is trying their best to get a ban on iPhone sales in the United States. The popular telecom equipment company wants new iPhones to be banned from entering the US and put a stop to the sale of those which have already made way into the country.

Qualcomm is making a case against Apple by stating that the smartphone manufacturing giant is using six of their patents all which are related to the extension of a phone’s battery life. A representative from Qualcomm stated that:

“Qualcomm’s inventions are at the heart of every iPhone and extend well beyond modem technologies or cellular standards. Apple continues to use Qualcomm’s technology while refusing to pay for it.”

A complaint has been filed with the US International Trade Commission and the US District Court for the Southern District of California.

The Apple-Qualcomm legal battle began earlier this year when Apple sued Qualcomm for $1 billion saying the chipmaker overcharged them for the use of basic patents. Qualcomm then countersued them for breaching agreements and making false statements. Then in May, it was heard for the first time that Qualcomm is taking steps to ban Apple products in the US. Then just last month Apple made another move against Qualcomm by taking to court the matter that the licenses which the chip manufacturer holds for sum over the sale of each iPhone is invalid.

This appears to be just another episode in the intense legal drama and it doesn’t seem it will subside any time soon.

Source – The Verge

Written by Maryam Dodhy
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