Samsung launches Galaxy A3, A5 & A7 at Samsung Forum 2015

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Samsung smartphones have been pretty famous lately for taking selfies and how can we forget the famous and most retweeted Oscar selfie by Ellen which was also taken through a Galaxy Phone.
Selfies are now becoming an art and smartphone phone buying trends have changed a lot lately. One of the most important factor for youth, when buying a smartphone, is whether it has a good front facing camera or not. Because good front-facing camera means very high quality selfies.

Samsung understands our needs very well, which is why it is now taking selfie smartphones to a new level by introducing not one but three smartphones with special selfie taking capabilities. All of these phones feature a wide-angle 5 MP front-facing camera which is going to be very convenient for selfie enthusiasts who usually take ‘groupies’ (selfie of a group of people) as well. The Korean Giant, today, at Samsung Forum 2015 announced the launch of these three smartphones in MENA region — which means Pakistan will get them very soon.

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All of these smartphones are full metal body with curved chassis which makes it super convenient to use with one hand. A3 is the thinnest ever smartphone manufactured by Samsung and starting from A3 with a very sweet screen-size of 4.5 inches the size increments to 5 inches for Galaxy A5 and 5.5 inches for Galaxy A7.

All of the above mentioned phones contains selfie features namely;

  1. Wide selfie, which means group pictures from front-facing camera is not going to be a problem any more.
  2. Rear cam selfie, which means you can also utilize the rear camera for this purpose.
  3. Animated selfie, a mode in which you can make animated gifs.
  4. Palm & voice selfie lets you take selfies by controlling the smartphone through gestures and voice.
  5. Beauty face automatically clears the skin and makes you more beautiful.

    A quick comparison chart to compare and decide which one should be your companion

As for price, there is no official word yet, since the phones are yet to be launched in Pakistan. But Samsung will really have to push these products in market owing to the chinese smartphone brands which are also trying to lure people into buying their smartphones with the same kind of selfie taking capabilities.



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