Samsung patents a smartphone that can read your palm

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Galaxy Note 8

We all have been locked out of our smartphone at least once and we all have panicked when we couldn’t remember our password hint. In current times, when our lives revolve around our digital assets, it is almost impossible to function if we lose access to our smartphone, our laptop or any other electronic device.


Samsung recently has filed a patent that will read the palm of your hand for helping you remember your password through its hint. After reading the unique lines on the palm of your hand, the camera sensor of your phone will reveal a little portion of your password hint. This might not reveal the full information to you but it should guide you in the right direction.

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Just like face recognition techniques, Samsung will have to use a depth-sensing camera for this functionality to avoid security risks including usage of palm pictures to reveal the password hint.

Will this feature make it to the Samsung Galaxy S9? We are not sure of that yet. It will be too early to speculate any such thing at the moment since the patent has just recently been filed. Samsung’s research and development wing is pretty active and has been toying with the ideas of face recognition, on display fingerprint sensing, improved battery lives and now reading the palm of hands as well. Let’s see which of these features make it to Samsung Galaxy S9.

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