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This country now has paperless passports

In a bid to promote more smooth air travel within the country, Dubai has launched a new app named...

Jun 12 · >

Android App ‘RASTA’ for Traffic Updates is to be Launched by CTPL

The new Android app called RASTA (Road And Streets Traffic Awareness) is being launched as a result of collaboration...

May 29 · >

E-ticketing system to be available in Lahore in a month

Lahore a city of millions where maintaining law and order is quite a hefty task. The heavy traffic, narrow...

May 9 · >

Smart Dubai Seeks the Help of PITB

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has received a request from the Dubai Police in developing new technologies to...

May 8 · >

PRA de-seals Telenor’s head office a day after it was sealed due to tax default allegations

Update: Telenor’s provincial head office was de-sealed by PRA on Friday after a stay order was obtained by Telenor...

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May 6 · >

Going after Uber and Careem is maybe one of the most mindless things Govt. has done till date

Declaring Uber and Careem illegal might be one of the most unintelligent decisions taken by Punjab Government in the...

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Jan 31 · >

PITB Digitizing Vehicle Operations In The Country

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has released a mobile application for police or excise officers to identify any vehicle’s ownership...

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Jan 28 · >

Meet the core team and winners of naSCon

The event that kicked off on Friday Evening with Mushaira has finally reached an end. NaSCon team spent months...

Apr 20 · >