Snapchat just trolled Facebook in its new filter

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Snapchat just teased Facebook on 1st April, since it was April Fool’s day. This doesn’t happen often that one tech giant trolls another just for fun. Snapchat made a Facebook filter that makes it appear that a Russian Bot has liked your post. The filter has Cyrillic text and has a Facebook UI which includes such fictional characters as “your mom” and “a bot.”

This filter directly targets the ongoing Facebook backlash over its role of spreading disinformation to the public on how it handles users’ data who sign-up on its platform. The filter “a bot” mimics Facebook spying on its users without their consent.

Facebook has been copying Snapchat for a long time and it looks like Snapchat is unable to do anything about it. Snapchat has recently released some new features regarding SnapMaps after a major redesign that company introduced earlier this month, Snapchat has also started presenting GIF stickers feature with the help of Giphy’s collection, the feature that looks like a copied version of Facebook-owned Instagram, while Facebook continues its “streak” to copy Snapchat and introduced the Snapchat’s streak feature in its Messenger as well.

The war between Snapchat and Facebook is nothing new, and it will go on since both the tech giants keep copying each other whenever a new feature comes on the market. Snapchat was the pioneer company that introduced the concept of sharing your pictures live, capturing the moments in real time. The company has attracted a lot of young youth due to this concept, and since the company was also the first one to introduce real-time filters. Snapchat keeps getting a lot of fame around the world.

Written by Mohammad Jamal
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