Apple Confirms That There Will Be More Upcoming Problems For iPhone 14 Buyers

Undoubtedly, it is not an appropriate time to purchase any iPhone 14 model. Buying any iPhone 14 at this...

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Sep 26 · >

Not applying the latest Windows 10 updates may result in system crash

If you haven’t “Restarted” your system to let the Windows security updates go through, you may need to do...

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Mar 2 · >

HPE warns users of bug that will kill their SSD after 40,000 hours

Hewlett Packard Enterprise have discovered a firmware bug in their system which could cause the Solid State Drives of...

Mar 25 · >

Facebook’s latest leak exposed 6.8 million users’ private photos to developers

From spammers to the banning of more than 1.5 billion accounts within the span of 5 months, Facebook has...

Dec 15 · >

Apple’s newly released funny ad for iPhone X also highlights an iOS 11 bug

What can you do when even fate is against you? Apple recently released a new commercial for promoting its...

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Mar 19 · >

Apple met with its worst nightmare last week with all those software issues

As the week of distress for Apple has finally ended, Apple’s software engineers might be taking some good sleep....

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Dec 4 · >

Find bugs in Samsung devices and get reward up to $200,000

Tech company Samsung is known for making high-end products and its popularity keep rising due to the release of...

Sep 7 · >