Technology Is Not The Cause Of Mental Health Issues In Children, Oxford Confirms

In a recently published Oxford study, it has been determined that mental health issues caused in children especially teens...

May 5 · >

TikTok faces investigation for how it handles data and safety of underage users

The famous music lip-sync app TikTok is being investigated in the UK for how it manages the personal data...

Jul 3 · >

Smartphones distract parents from connecting with their children, research

A new study published in “The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships” reveals that smartphones distract parents. This distraction...

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May 11 · >

Children in Pakistan need safe and censored access to internet, Unicef

People, including children, all over the world are embracing the internet. While for the children, it is very important...

Dec 29 · >

Facebook launches Messenger Kids for children which will be managed by parents

Facebook has recently launched a new version of its messaging app, specifically designed for kids of the ages of...

Dec 5 · >