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‘The update that was promised’: Google finally corrects its burger emoji

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Google Corrected Emoji

Living up to its promise to “drop everything” and making sure that the cheese in its burger emoji was placed right, Google has finally corrected its ‘flawed’ burger emoji.

Google has been facing a lot of criticism for wrongly placing the cheese on its burger emojis (yeah you read that right) but it seems that the tech giant has now finally surrendered. Starting from Android 8.1, all of the Android users will be presented with the ‘right’ burger emoji in which the cheese will be placed above the meat patty and not below. The newly-released Developer’s Preview for Android 8.1 tallies to this.

This change, which now is being very warmly welcomed, was first identified by Emojipedia in the second Developer’s Preview for Android 8.1. Apart from correcting the burger emoji, Google has also updated its beer emoji. The beer emoji previously contained drink filled to the half, but froth to the brim – nullifying all physical laws. Google has now corrected it and it now contains liquid all the way to the top.

A heated discussion and debate started on social media after a few users found that Google has been placing the cheese slice on the burger emoji all wrong. Gradually, the people even started to compare the Google’s burger emoji to those of other companies like Apple and Samsung. The discussion gained so much of momentum that the Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, himself had to jump in to settle the dispute.

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