Facebook Messenger

Competitors leave Twitter in dust, report by Statista

According to Statista, WhatsApp and Messenger had the largest number of monthly active users in the last two years...

Feb 15 ·>

Facebook introduces Messenger Day, A Snapchat like app

Facebook has unveiled a new Snapchat-like application which will let users share photos and videos that would disappear automatically...

Sep 30 ·>

Facebook Messenger makes it to 1 billion users

Facebook has officially announced that the Facebook Messenger app has now hit the one billion users mark. Way back...

Jul 21 ·>

Facebook wants to become your phone now, launches group calls

The latest update of Facebook Messenger has introduced group VoIP (voice over internet protocol) for group calls. The new...

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Apr 21 ·>
Facebook Messenger

Here is how to play a basketball game inside Facebook Messenger

The social-networking giant Facebook is no stranger to hiding easter eggs in its products and luckily enough, a new...

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Mar 20 ·>
Facebook Messenger

Leaked photo suggests Facebook working on messenger for mac

A leaked photo of a Facebook employee using messenger on Mac suggests that Facebook might soon launch a stand...

Jan 11 ·>

Top Text Messaging Apps for Mobile

As you might have heard, text messaging apps have surpassed SMS messaging for the first time ever, according to...

May 4 ·>
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