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Sony Sells Over 30 Million Units of PS5 Globally

PS5 predecessor, PS4 still remains ahead with over 117.2 Million units sold, a major reason for which is the...

Jan 6 · >

PUBG announces massive $6m prize pool for upcoming global championship

Fancy yourself as an expert PUBG player? Think you have what it takes to duke it out on the...

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Aug 5 · >

This 24-year-old earns $50k a month by playing video games in his storeroom

Kim Min-kyo is just another South Korean young adult who happens to be living with his mother, except that...

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Mar 29 · >

PUBG Mobile has been downloaded 1 billion times since its launch

Chinese tech giant Tencent said on Thursday its cellphone action game PUBG Mobile has surpassed 1 billion accumulated downloads...

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Mar 25 · >

Epic Games purchases photogrammetry software maker Capturing Reality

As the gaming industry flourishes profoundly during the pandemic, Epic Games has been taken numerous actions to ensure itself...

Mar 10 · >

Fortnite maker Epic purchases ‘Fall Guys’ developer, Mediatonic

The maker behind the ever-popular game Fortnite has announced that it is acquiring Tonic Games Group which is well...

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Mar 3 · >

This 8-year-old just became the youngest “paid” Fortnite player with Rs 5mn contract

Joseph Deen became the world’s youngest esports professional player as he signed up for Team 33, one of the...

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Mar 3 · >