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Indian Hackers embarrass themselves trying to change Google search results to anti-Pakistan

A recent statement by Google’s spokesperson clarified that the abnormal search results against the search query, ‘the best toilet...

Feb 19 ·>

Google launches new search experience 
for job seekers in Pakistan

Google has unveiled a new search experience making it easier for job seekers in the region to find employment...

Sep 5 ·>
Google's Security Checkup is a feature that makes sure that Google's accounts are safe by checking those items that could impact your account's security.

Gmail gets a confidential mode feature in the latest update

Google previously announced to launch a new design for its Gmail web interface and now the US-based company has...

May 28 ·>

Google is making an AR headset with new Qualcomm chips

Google is reportedly working on a standalone Augmented Reality headset that will use new Qualcomm chips. The company has...

May 19 ·>

This is how you can watch Google I/O 2018 conference live

Google IO 2018 live stream will start today on Tuesday, May 8 in Mountain View, California, right in Google...

May 8 ·>

Google makes so much money that it can pay Pakistan’s debt in 50 days

Google’s parent company, Alphabet, reported another pretty solid profit for its first quarter of 2018. The company has continued...

Apr 25 ·>

Amazon just dethroned Google and Apple to have the most positive impact on society

A recent poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and Recode indicated that 20 percent of the participants believe that Amazon has...

Apr 24 ·>
Amazon 2

Sami Kizilbash of Google talks about Pakistani Developers & Startup Ecosystem

Google might not have an official presence in Pakistan, but it is heartening to know that Pakistan has a...

Mar 8 ·>

Google will visit universities across Pakistan for training students

This is happening for the first time that internet services giant, Google, will be visiting different universities across Pakistan...

Aug 23 ·>
Google Pakistan

Inside Google’s plan to take Pakistan’s startup industry to a global scale

Google, as an organization, is known to be one of the most innovative ones. From being a technology giant...

Jun 11 ·>
Pakistan Startup Summit 2016