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NUST researcher becomes the first Muslim scientist to win prestigious IAPR award

A beloved and popular researcher at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has just attained a historic...

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Jan 14 ·>

Systems Limited hosts AI SYSCON in partnership with TechJuice

Systems Limited, Pakistan’s premier technology organization, organized “AI SYSCON” in collaboration with TechJuice on 22 November, 2019 at Systems...

Dec 11 ·>

MIT researchers build a neural network to reproduce clear images from blurred images and videos

Scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have been working on a machine learning model capable...

Oct 20 ·>

A complete round-up of the best free online courses to expand your skill set

With Ramazan gone and a week of rest done after Eid, now is the prime time to start planning...

Jun 17 ·>

Top 3 free courses on Machine Learning to spend your summer vacations productively

Machine Learning is the boom nowadays along with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. Involving the use of neural networks...

Jun 17 ·>

Microsoft announces new features to simplify machine learning

To simplify the machine learning process Microsoft has launched three new features, that range from a new interface to...

May 3 ·>

Facebook using artificial intelligence to block one million accounts everyday

Facebook is taking the help of artificial intelligence to block or remove one million accounts every day from its...

Apr 10 ·>

Top 3 free online courses for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is one of the most sophisticated of all the emerging technologies. Artificial...

Sep 23 ·>

Google’s machine learning AutoDraw tool shows the power of Artificial Intelligence

Google has introduced AutoDraw, a web-based drawing tool that pairs machine learning (ML) with drawings created by talented artists...

Apr 12 ·>
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