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People Are Now Signing A Petition To Prevent Jeff Bezos From Returning to Earth

In recent news, nearly 45,000 people have signed petitions on to stop the billionaire Jeff Bezos from returning...

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Jun 22 · >

China Launches First Crew To Live On The New Space Station

In recent news, China launched its first crewed space station consisting of three science-minded military pilots rocketing to a...

Jun 21 · >

Jeff Bezos Set To Fly To Space Next Month

In recent news, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos stated that he will travel to space through his rocket company Blue...

Jun 9 · >

China’s rover ‘Zhurong’ reaches Mars and returns the first pictures

After the Perseverance Mars rover made its mark on the red planet, it seems China is ready to counter...

May 20 · >

Scientists and architects are working on a new Mars city concept

In recent news, an architecture firm has confirmed its plans for a sustainable city on Mars, called Nüwa, that...

Mar 26 · >

Space startup Gitai raises $17.1 M to accelerate commercial space through robotic workforce

A Japanese space startup called Gitai has recently raised $17.1 million in a funding round for a robotics-related startup....

Mar 1 · >

NASA utilizes the power of Cloud Computing to keep its Perseverance Mars rover on track

Throughout NASA’s mission to explore Mars, the space administration agency confirmed that the Perseverance Mars rover has been utilizing...

Mar 1 · >

This NUST-PNEC team is the first to represent Pakistan in international rocket building competition

“It’s time to get Pakistan into space. Make our country proud.” This is what a group of space exploration...

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Feb 17 · >