The original Pixel and Pixel XL are no longer available on Google Store

Google’s original Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones, the beginning of the company’s enhancement to streamline its new hardware efforts,...

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Apr 11 · >

iPhone’s battery exploded at yet another Apple Store

Just yesterday we reported about an iPhone 6s Plus battery explosion at an Apple store in Zurich and we...

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Jan 11 · >

Coinbase beats Facebook & YouTube to become the most downloaded app on iOS

As the Bitcoin’s price continues to surge trading close to $15,000, Coinbase has successfully secured the top position in...

Dec 8 · >

Google Play Games gets design update with new mini-games

Google has updated its Play Games platform after quite a while, and this time it has come up with...

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Nov 13 · >

Apple has removed VPN services from Chinese app store

China has known for its brute laws against social media, Internet users and online content that could “potentially” harm...

Jul 31 · >

Apple opens its first official store in SE Asia

Tech behemoth Apple, in a bid to promote its operations in Southeast Asia, has opened its first official store...

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May 29 · >

Microsoft’s Vibrant New Flagship Store has Innovation at its Best

Microsoft opens the door of its new flagship retail store today on 677 Fifth Avenue , New York city,...

Oct 28 · >