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Tencent Begins Testing Self-Developed AI Model: Integrates With Internal Services and Products

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  58 sec read >
Tencent Hunyan AI Model
Named ‘Hunyan’, Tencent’s self developed AI model has now been integrated with a number of products such as Tencent Cloud, Tencent Meeting and Tencent Docs

Chinese multinational technology and entertainment conglomerate ‘Tencent Holdings Ltd’ or ‘Tencent’ has begun an internal testing for its self-developed artificial intelligence (AI) model ‘Hunyan’, using and testing it with a number of different company products.

“The Tencent Hunyuan large model, completely developed by ourselves from scratch, has now entered the application testing phase within the company,” said Tencent, who has currently integrated Hunyan with products such as Tencent Cloud, Tencent Meeting and Tencent Docs.

Other Tencent businesses that are actively testing the Hunyan AI include big names such as Tencent Games, Tencent Advertising, QQ Browser, WeChat Search and Tencent Fintech.

“Initial effects have been achieved and more businesses and applications are in the process of being connected to the model,” says the company, hinting at the possibility of the AI being open to not just Tencent but other businesses as well.

Testing period for the Hunyan AI model comes a month after the Chinese regulators published a set of interim rules on generative AI, giving all major Chinese technology companies a set of guidelines for all their AI related products.

Following a major surge in demand for generative AI, Chinese companies have also majorly shifted their focus towards AI, with major technology corporations announcing their own AI models and Tencent even going as far as predicting AI to be a “growth multiplier”.


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