The Geo Verdict: Does Social Media Represent the True Voice of People?

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May 20, 2014
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The past few weeks have narrowed the noose around Geo’s neck, a massive media organization. On April 23rd, Ministry of Defense went ahead and filed a request to ban the news agency and as of today, a PEMRA committee has suspended the licenses of GEO. This is to stay in effect till May 28th, when the final verdict will be given. Apart from the stance that politicians have taken for or against GEO, the public has shown an over-whelming response on the issue with hundreds of tweets and Facebook posts reflecting the public sentiments. One wonders if the opinions truly reflect the voice of people or do they simply represent the voice of the big guns of social media?

Is Social Media the new Public Court?

Instead of waiting for committee decisions or official rulings, the people it seems have already decided the fate of GEO. Pakistani social media has become a public court room where everybody is bringing in their own facts. Whether it is naming Geo News as ‘Jew News’ or making a case of blasphemy against Shaista Wahidi, the Social Media right is now full of proofs and judgments. In the midst of it are the power players, using the satellite channel’s circumstances to their own advantage. What’s unfortunate is the fact that little care is being taken to separate truth from fiction. Nor is there any keen attempt to logically reason. Instead, what you will find frequently in social media statuses are the strength of emotions. Emotional or not, it seems that the people have spoken and declared their choice. As of right now, #UnitedAgainstGEO is on rise on Twitter.

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  • Faisal Mansoor

    Social media – like many other wrongs in Pakistan in last 67 years, this one is also the victim of corruption in the country. you have to have a reasoning and understanding and an eye core to the root cause of the problem, and the root cause is corruption. Like corrupt politicians, house of commons, police and any other institution is Pakistan.
    Media was given a “free hand” to start with by Musharraf, example of this is you let a one year old play in an ground which is full of hazardous material without being watched or stopped, and this one year old play with every possible danger, result is injury or death of infant. PEMRA is being total in-effective and corrupt like other institutions of Pakistan, these channels have become gods with total unavailability of responsibility, patriotism, reasoning, thinking and limitations, All these media owner think is about MONEY. No matter what is source, foreign agencies?, local politicians?, tom? harry?, dick? . doesn’t matter. ALL WHAT COUNT IS MONEY.. rating and breaking new culture, murders, bomb blast, rape and all this sort of repulsive face of society with news readers reading with actions and styles, Indian content to its fullest, vulgar and idiots anchors are the norm to the least.
    While they were becoming accuser and court and decision making authority by themselves, thinking whosoever they can blame and trial and verdict and manipulate people minds, they forgot people are the authority to verdict and PEOPLE HAVE DEMONSTRATED IT and they are still denying it.

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