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Uber Eats is Reportedly Developing AI Chatbot that Offers Recommendations

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Uber Eats competitor DoorDash has also announced a new AI-powered voice ordering technology, which will allow restaurants to increase sales by answering all calls

Food ordering and delivery platform ‘Uber Eats’ is reportedly developing an AI-powered chatbot, which will offer recommendations and make ordering food much faster for its users.

While Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has previously made announcements regarding the development of an AI, news about Uber’s AI powered chatbot first surfaced after developer Steve Moser discovered its code inside the food delivery application.

According to Bloomberg’s report, the AI chatbot will ask users relevant questions such as their budget, food preferences and use that information to help them place an order.

While Uber Eats has still not announced a release date for the AI chatbot, the platform has added itself into the list of delivery apps who are integrating AI tools to make their application and process efficient, faster and streamlined.

Uber Eats competitor ‘DoorDash’ who also announced its AI-powered voice ordering technology, is a perfect example. According to DoorDash, its AI technology will allow restaurant owners to increase sales by answering all the calls they receive.

DoorDash is also working on another AI that will allow them speed up ordering and also help their customers find food options.

Instacart, another American delivery company, has also recently launched an AI search tool which helps customers save time by personalizing their product recommendations.

With AI getting mainstreamed by the hours, it’s only logical for all industries to integrate the technology into their systems and while giant technology firms are harnessing its powers to develop massive AI based products, smaller or ‘not primarily tech’ companies are using it to offer a better and more personalized user experience.


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