US Company Sells Indian ‘CharPai’ For Over Rs 1 Lakh: A Traditional Indian Bed

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An American e-commerce company specializing in craft supplies selling an Indian Charpai.

The CharPai is an Indian traditional bed with dimensions: a width of 36 inches, a height of 72 inches, and a depth of 18 inches.

An e-commerce company has listed it as a ‘Traditional Indian Bed’ with exquisite decorative appeal.

We still look for traditional products sold at higher prices in online stores. Etsy, an American e-commerce company, has listed an Indian Charpai in its products for a fee of over 1 Lakh. The item listed by the company is an Indian Charpai, mainly known as Khatiya, used in Indian villages.

“You can use this amazing bed for unique decoration. Hence, it is perfect for any type of room and for outdoors and indoors”, the description says.

The ordinary Indian bed called ‘Charpai’ is widespread and a country’s traditional mattress. It can easily be found in every other house in India. Anyone can easily buy it for just Rs 1,000. However, the US site is Etsy.Inc is selling the item at Rs 1 Lakh a piece.

The screenshot of the product has taken the internet by storm.

Amazingly, the CharPai on this website is on sale at a great price of Rs 1 Lakh. The item on the website is advertised as a ‘Traditional Indian Bed With Very Beautiful Decor.’

However, the information enlisted with the item is that the bed is made using wood and jute ropes. In addition, the benefits associated with the CharPai or Indian Bed have certain advantages.

It helps in improving blood circulation and digestion. The CharPai is designed in such a way that the heads and legs of the person are slightly elevated. The design helps enhance blood circulation in the stomach, which allows the organs to perform their functions steadily.

Alas, this is not the first time an item has been priced so much and sold at an extravagant price. Furthermore, there was a bucket with a 28% discount on Amazon.
In addition, the 36 inches-wide,72 inches-long, and 18 inches-high Punjabi-style bed, sometimes also known as “Khat” or a “Manji,” seems to have an exquisite appeal that sells for almost 1 Lakh.

People have shown interest by writing reviews, “This is as beautiful as the pictures. Great seller communication and fast shipping right from India! Very warm and cozy in addition to being beautiful. Highly recommended!”

Another review says, “absolutely terrible product,the Jute is stained, the wood is unevenly stained and cut. Took three months to ship and in the sellers own words”.

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