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Will Samsung Mobiles Become Button-less And Port-free In Near Future?

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An anonymous (fake id named Conor) tipster on Twitter claims (plausibly a fake claim)  that Samsung can remove its volume and power buttons from its new model phones in the future. Many companies have tried to make a phone without any ports or buttons on its sides but not one has truly been successful in making such a design. The closest models can be Vivo Apex or Huawei Mate 30, but they were not 100% port and button-free but much smaller ports and buttons were installed.

But apparently, Samsung is the one to break the jinx as they are planning to remove all buttons and are reportedly going to use software features for power and volume keys.

The tweet has been received with skepticism and hilarity by most people though they are fascinated by the idea, there are still some who are scratching their heads and wondering how they will be able to restart a button-less phone once it’s turned off. The tipster claims that the upcoming Galaxy S23 and the Z5-series foldable will get to keep all their ports and buttons, as the button-less thingamajig is still some distance away. The tipster further claimed that the first button-less Samsung smartphone might be the Galaxy S25 or a “completely separate device made for a South Korean telecom company.”

While Samsung has made no such claims and I think no one would have started thinking about the Galaxy S25 model. The tipster was smart enough to choose a far away model so when it actually releases, no one will come to hunt him/her for the fake news. But sadly, many tech gurus have started sensationalism around the Tweet and started to spread the word that Samsung is removing buttons from their devices.


If any company or even Samsung is able to make such a phone in the future, they might have to sell the alternative version too because the button-less version may not excite all users and this can cause a sales imbalance which every company would like to try to avoid. Software implementations tend to miss inputs at times, and it also exposes a simple feature to potential bugs. Huawei Mate 30’s virtual volume buttons, for instance, were not appreciated by many since they were not as consistent as regular buttons due to their too small of a size.

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