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You Will Have To Pay YouTube To Watch 4K Videos

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >
Youtube 4k

YouTube is eagerly thinking of upgrading the platform to a Premium subscription. Firstly, users had to watch five ads instead of two, and currently, the free video platform is pondering locking 4K videos. Then, the users will have to pay to watch 4K videos.

According to reports, there was a post on Reddit that showed that the company is thinking of charging users to watch 4K videos. Besides, Google even began testing a new limitation for its free users on YouTube.

Hence, people are discussing how Google tries to push them to sign up for YouTube Premium. However, the platform is using different banners to promote Premium and the increase in ads which you cannot skip. Content creators put these ads in their YouTube videos to earn.

Thus, by putting up so many ads, Google urges users to consider buying a premium subscription. Even some free users of YouTube reported that they could no longer access 4K videos.

Likewise, some users also posted screenshots of this update.
In the screenshot below posted by a user, you can see the 4K option (2160p) has a “Premium” label below it. The Premium label means that the users in the future will have to pay to avail of the 4K offer.

Youtube 4k

Similarly, like the increased number of ads, this test is only for a few people. If you are not facing any limitations on your YouTube account, you are not a part of the public test.

The noteworthy thing is that YouTube Premium is among the most expensive social media subscriptions. The cost of YouTube Premium is $11.99 monthly in the US, allowing you to watch videos without ads and download them offline. Moreover, a Premium subscription will give you unlimited skips with YouTube Music and unlock new content on YouTube Originals.

Whereas, the subscription is still unavailable in Pakistan, meaning people will have to use different ways to watch 4K videos or stream videos without ads. While with YouTube Vanced you can stream YouTube without ads, and it will even enable you to watch 4K videos if YouTube does not allow you to do so.

Moreover, YouTube tested up to 10 unskippable ads before a video. But that was just an experiment; YouTube never put it into action. On the other hand, Google is firm on its decision to push the urge to avail of Premium subscriptions. Let’s wait and watch how the audience will respond to it.

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