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YouTube may be able to get rid of fake accounts with its new update

Written by Fizza Akbar ·  1 min read >

YouTube has been struggling with an issue with phoney accounts that spread spam and false information for a very long time. These accounts frequently imitate well-known figures on YouTube to trick users into divulging their personal information and money. YouTube has been making concerted efforts to delete these accounts, but in the meanwhile, it has devised a clever new workaround.


The video-sharing site has added “handles” to the platform, much like other social applications such as Twitter and Discord, as well as hundreds of other comparable apps. These “handles” are simply name tags that will be exclusive to a YouTuber so that they may be distinguished from the other users properly.

For instance, popular content creator PewDiePie may choose the handle “@pewdiepie” for himself, making it impossible for anybody else to use it as Twitter does.

Handles will be shown on the YouTuber’s channel in addition to their Shorts, making it possible for them to be “immediately and consistently recognised.” According to the firm, the handles are “unique to each channel so that creators may further create their individual identity and brand on YouTube.”

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Handles can be used for various purposes, including identification and branding, as well as for mentions in comments, community postings, and video descriptions.

The new upgrade has not yet been released to the public, but YouTube has stated that content producers will be alerted “over the next month” when they select a handle for their channel. Channels that already have a personalised URL will automatically set that URL as their default handle; however, those channel owners will have the option to alter their handle as soon as the notice is received in YouTube Studio.

The firm has made it clear that the choice of the handle will be determined by several criteria, some of which include “overall YouTube visibility,” “subscription count,” and “whether the channel is active or dormant.”

In addition, a corresponding URL with these handles will also be generated ([handle]). You may learn more about the function by visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page on YouTube.