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YouTube Starts Testing AI Based Video Summarizer

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
YouTube AI Video Summary
Currently available for a select number of English-language videos, the AI video summaries will provide users with a quick overview of what a video is about

YouTube has started testing for its AI video summarizer, which auto-generates video summaries, displaying and recommending them on the watch and search pages, making it easier for viewers to understand what a video is about, before clicking on them.

Currently available for a select number of English-language videos, the AI tool will probably be functional with other main-stream languages quite soon.

“While we hope these summaries (AI summaries) are helpful and give you a quick overview of what a video is about, they do not replace video descriptions written by creators!,” said YouTube, in its statement about the feature.

YouTube has not shared complete details about the testing nor has it provided screenshots of the experiment, but if you still want to get a jist of what those summaries would be like, you can use one of the many AI video summarizing tools available on the internet, some notable names include Clipnote, Skipit and Scrivvy.

AI video summary tools, however, don’t seem to work for many people, often disappointing users, who claim that they usually notice the summarizer copying lines from original video descriptions and performing “horribly”.

Considering user complaints, YouTube definitely has an opportunity to create a better performing video summarizer, which considering Google’s scale, will not be difficult.

Google, the parent to YouTube, has been focusing all its energies into AI development for the past few months, announcing multiple AI based utility tools such as AI-assisted note-taking and AI-generated backgrounds for Google Meet and even announcing AI-generated quizzes for educational videos.


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