The most used Android Operating System Version is more than 2 years old

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As we know that Google releases its Android distribution chart every month which shows all Android versions and their market share. Android is horrible when it comes to latest updates and how fast the old devices adopt the new operating system.

Last month, Android Oreo, the latest Android operating system, after 2 months of its launch, was installed on just 0.2% devices and that is not good and can’t be justified in any way. The latest distribution chart shows even more horrible stats as after even more than a month, the Oreo is a part of just 0.3% devices. That’s 0.1% increase from last month’s report (claps slowly). The reason behind that is the Oreo is installed just on Pixel and Nexus devices right now as other manufacturers are still trying to release it to their devices.

Sadly, Android Marshmallow, the 2 years old operating system is installed on most of the devices. And Android Nougat, which is now a year old is still growing and ranks 3rd at the most used operating systems list. And you would have guessed that which OS is 2nd at the list, yes, the 3 years old Android Lollipop (I know its sad). Marshmallow is now installed on 30.9% devices, down from 32% last month and Lollipop is still a part of 27.2% devices, just 0.5% down from the last month. Android Nougat is installed on 20.6% devices and it is growing. Well, why wouldn’t it as the Xiaomi Redmi 4X got the Android Nougat update just a couple of weeks ago and the Samsung Galaxy J3 2016 got the update just a couple of days ago (Yes, 3 months after the launch of Oreo).

Surprisingly, KitKat market share is still at double-digit as it scores 13.8%. All other versions sit at 7.2% market share combined.

iOS is far ahead when it comes to software updates and there can be no 2nd opinion about it. Take iPhone 5S as an example, it is a 4 years old device and the latest iOS 11 was available on it the same day all other flagship devices got. The latest iOS version always adopts more than 80% market share just a few weeks after its launch. Google might have to think of a better strategy to speed up its adoption rate and come head to head with iOS.

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