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Here’s How Apple is Avoiding Mass Layoffs Amidst the Tech Slowdown

While other tech giants such as Meta, Microsoft and Google fired thousands of employees, Apple hasn’t given into the...

Feb 10 · >

Tata Group to Open Over 100 Apple Stores Across India

Part of Tata Group, Infiniti Retail will become an authorized Apple reseller and open stores all across India Economic...

Dec 12 · >

Apple Is Cutting On iPhone 14 Production Due to Lesser Demand.

Apple is stopping the production of the iPhone 14 Plus partially and is increasing the manufacturing of the more...

Oct 26 · >

Major Defects Already Shown In iPhone 14; Apple Admits Many Mistake

Apple has probably sold millions of iPhone 14 units in less than two weeks, but the launch hasn’t been...

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Sep 19 · >

Best Camera Phones 2022 for every Budget

When choosing that perfect phone with an impeccable camera, selecting the best affordable phone from the wide range of...

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Aug 10 · >

Top 3 free courses on iOS app development

iOS remains one of the most popular mobile operating systems, second only to Android. If you are wondering how...

Nov 16 · >

These are the top 10 smartphone brands with the highest failure rates, Samsung tops the list

A report has revealed that Samsung phones fail most often, resulting in repair work being needed. In the list...

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Jul 18 · >

The next generation of iPhones are already in production, report

According to a new report, Apple is making the next generation of iPhones. The production has already been started...

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May 23 · >

iPad Pro and iPhone X win “Displays of the Year” Awards of 2018

Apple’s latest iPad Pro and iPhone X have been declared as the “Displays of the Year” of 2018 by...

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May 17 · >

Apple to launch its own credit card to help you pay for the upcoming iPhones of 2018

The US-based company Apple is planning to launch an Apple Pay-branded credit card with Wall Street titan Goldman Sachs....

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May 11 · >

Apple to kill 3.5 mm adapter and bring USB-Type C 18W chargers

Apple didn’t kill the 3.5 mm headphone jack, it just moved it to an adapter. However, the company now...

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May 3 · >

Apple says no to iPhone X,iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus for 2018

The iPhones introduced by Apple stay in Apple’s portfolio for a number of years. But since a lot of...

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Apr 21 · >